WP2 - Needs Analysis and Evaluation

The aim of WP2 is to:

WP2's aim is to fully understand the characteristics and variety of the micro-entrepreneur ecosystem across the EU as the foundation for the TOI and what and how it needs to be adapted to meet the needs established in the State of Art.

This aim will be achieved by:

  • All partners identifying national issues, objections, policies & systems that exist in their own country with relation to developing entrepreneurs & establishing new enterprises. This involves a specific focus on methods and approaches to training entrepreneurs.
  • Ensuring all partners are aware of the 'state of entrepreneur training' in each other's countries, amongst their beneficiaries and in the EU as a wider context. This will ensure the needs of all target groups and countries are fully considered in the development of the Bridge Model Europe and the final product addresses all needs.
WP2 - Needs Analysis and Evaluation
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