Transfer of Innovation project

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Wednesday 26 March 2014
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Transfer of Innovation project

Bridging to the Future is delighted to announce that it has been successful in bidding for funding through the EU’s Leonardo da Vinci strand of funding for a Transfer of Innovation project. The project – Bridging the Gap – is based on the UK developed Bridge Model. The Bridge Model, designed and delivered by Birmingham company, Bridging to the Future has the following key characteristics:


Characteristics of The Bridge Model:

  • Transfer btf's bridge model to develop key competencies in enterprise to business incubators, employment centres, vet trainers + others across europe
  • Combines instruction + coaching with life support
  • Transfer will occur in new languages
  • Transfer will cater for socio-cultural needs of disadvantaged groups
  • Transfer can be used by tutors + adult learners; vet tutors+ students; young entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds; elderly entrepreneurs – intact those with ambition or skill to be self employed/ entrepreneur irrespective of background
  • Transfer is across boundaries-geographic, cultural, social
  • Team approach to enhance/develop enterprise in disadvantaged groups

What The Bridge Model is:

  • 1.Entrepreneurs are created + nurtured
  • 2.Practical
  • 3.Focus on the person - the entrepreneur
  • 4.Simplify the journey
  • 5.Focus on the reality
  • 6.Only uses practical, learnt lessons
  • 7.Trusts the individual
  • 8.Business idea is secondary to the person
  • 9.Combines practical learning with real life situations + real business
  • 10.Focus is to create jobs

What The Bridge Model is not:

  • 1.Minimal input from successful entrepreneurs
  • 2.Minimal input from the learners
  • 3.Theoretical
  • 4.Remove from the reality of the learners + potential entrepreneurs
  • 5.Emphasis on learning tasks-not applying them
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