Dan Zastawny
Tuesday 30 September 2014
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The Bridging The Gap Pilot has been underway for one month and the characteristics of it are:

Numbers of Learners
Merseyside Expanding Horizons (P1) – 8 learners

Academy of Entrepreneurs (P2) – 7 learners

Business Incubator – Gotse Delchev (P3) – 3 learners

Everis (P4) - 5

Stichting Business Development Friesland (P5) - 5

TOTAL: 28 (Target = 25)


Diversity of Ideas

P1: Each of the young people are working on business ideas, they include a theatre company specializing in working in prisons, an electric exporter to West Africa, an ebay seller specializing in Eastern gifts, a fashion retailer for larger men, a community dance company

P2: Learners’ ideas are in different fields such as: green economy and agribusiness, child care centres, micro-brewery and the fast-food sector

P3: A variety of business ideas have been discussed with the trainees:fashion design company; fashion boutique; sustainable rural tourism; small family hotel in mountain; on-line guitar lessons and guitar retail; community project for an electronic attractive waste bin to learn children to be environmentally  friendly; new food product

P4: app development; Wooden game boards for board game(s); online serious game aimed at schools and their students/pupils

P5: social media; psychology; clothes retailer; e-trading


The Bridge Models Learners Are Following
P1: 7 follow Bridge 1, 1 follows Bridge 2

P2: 4 follow Bridge 1, 3 follow Bridge 2

P3: 4 follow Bridge 1, 1 follow Bridge 2

P4: 3 follow Bridge 1, 1 follow elements of Bridge 1 and 2, 1 follows Bridge 2

P5: 2 follow Bridge 1, 2 follow elements of Bridge 1 and 2, 1 follows Bridge 2


Legal Formation of Businesses

P1: No place Productions; Barry Diaf Exports; Near East Liverpool Gifts

P2: Joincargo; Yourtranslator; Universal scrap trading

P3: Family Hotel Daisy; Kitara BG; M2V

P4:; Innogress

P5: That’s my Closet; Nicolete; Anicaica; Magaca; Web Psicologos


We are super excited by the success and diversity of the pilot at just one month in – exciting times for job creation in Europe.

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