Bridging the Gap Transfer Of Innovation Project

Posted By: Bridging The Gap
Wednesday 26 March 2014
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The Bridging the Gap Transfer of Innovation project carries on apace with a range of important and high quality work from the partners. Highly skilled Dutch incubator, BDF, are leading the research aspect of the project with a State of the Art analysis of entrepreneurism across the EU; experienced Greek company, AKEP, are responsible for the dissemination and exploitation work……in other words making sure that as many people and organisations as possible become aware of the Bridge Model and this project so that it is diffused across the EU; MEH from Liverpool, with a proven track record of innovation and delivery on the European and national stage, have taken charge of the creation of the resources which future entrepreneurs will use, whilst the Bulgarian incubator, BI-GD are leading the whole pilot project. Finally, Spanish multinational, Everis, are our evaluators……ensuring the quality of the project. We feel that this high quality partnership – a diversity of countries, scales, experiences and expertise – is already delivering high quality work. It is proving to be a real privilege to be working with all of the partners.

They arrived from far flung parts of the European Union…. Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands and……Liverpool! Mild weather, a warm Birmingham welcome and a busy schedule gree ...
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